May 012017

We were recently invited to experience Ocean Prime on Sand Lake, this modern American restaurant and lounge hails from renowned restaurateur Cameron Mitchell. Their menu includes a vast offering of seafood and prime cuts of steak, signature cocktails and a Wine Spectator-honored wine list.

From the kitchen and bar, there is a focus on quality ingredients in every dish. The menu is classic and modern all at once with offerings ranging from King Salmon to a traditional Filet Mignon. Between cocktails and calamari, here’s the five menu items to order while at Ocean Prime!

  • 1. Black Orchid: Belvedere Vodka, St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur, hand squeezed lemon and white cranberry juice. A beautiful, yet dangerous beverage! These are easy and fun to drink, but consume with caution. Or just call an Uber.
  • 2. Point Judith Calamari: With sweet chili sauce and candied cashews, this sweet and savory starter is hand-breaded and prepared under the direction of the chef.
  • 3. Crisp Wedge of Lettuce: A heaping hunk of lettuce with red onions, smoked bacon, grape tomatoes, blue cheese, grape tomatoes and buttermilk dressing. Put down some lettuce (and bacon!) before indulging in your decadent main course.
  • 4. King Salmon: The king of all salmon makes its way from the Pacific to Central Florida. This plump and flavorful fish is prepared with roasted tomatoes, olives and a Dijon dressing.
  • 5. Ahi Tuna: Topped with mango, avocado, cashews and a spicy sesame soy glaze. Served rare with a mountain of flavor, if you’re a tuna fan this dish is not to be missed.

So tell us….what do you order at Ocean Prime?


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